Better Call Voss!

"It's like having a technical wizard in your back pocket"
Think you might be getting ripped off, lied to or taken advantage of?
Need help with a project or repair but but don't know where to start?
Let us be your genie in a bottle.

You have to see this!
This is going to upset some people.
I think it is time to level the playing field and put some power back in the hands of the consumer. I have seen it too many times over the last 23 years; people paying way too much for a small component replacement, being lied to about what needs to be done and often being charged 3 and even 5 times more than what is fair for large repairs or replacements. That can equate to more than $10,000 in many cases.

With over 20 years in the AC/Construction Industry and 3 generations of technical service we have access to resources of information, parts and tech support needed to help you get you get it done. Join the group for insider information that you wont find anywhere else.


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