The MICROCON® WallMAP is a HEPA filtered air purifier that can be mounted to a wall or ceiling. It is specifically designed to remove hazardous microbial airborne particulate. When floor space is at a premium or when smaller size exam offices or consultation rooms require high volumes of air changes, the WallMAP can be strategically placed.

The MICROCON® WallMAP PC is a HEPA filtered air purifier that is mounted to a tubular frame to provide a portable means to eliminate infectious airborne bacteria during cough-inducing procedures.


Based upon your Air Changes per Hour (ACH) requirement and the speed setting, we can provide the filtration, ventilation and dilution required to remove hazardous airborne particulate from your breathing zone.

The key to successfully creating a healthy environment is by providing numerous air changes. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends 12 ACH.

Air changes provide the dilution, ventilation and
filtration. With a variable volume speed control and cfm capacities ranging between 100 and 300 CFM, we can provide a significant number of ACH.

• High air change capacity
• Wall or ceiling mounted
• Certified HEPA filtration
• Modular design
• Compact design

• Any Cough-lnducing Procedures
• Diagnostic Sputum Induction
• Aerosol Treatments
• Pentamidine Therapy
• Brochoscopy/Pulmonary Function