RGF BioControls® offers a wide array of FDA 510(k) compliant air purification systems designed for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Our products provide solutions to reduce the risks of infectious airborne pathogen transmission, and offer flexible use in various environments and applications. Eliminate the need for expensive HVAC renovations with our compact stand-alone and retrofit air quality solutions.

RGF Biomedical

MICROCON® MAP 400 / 800

The MICROCON® MAP is a high capacity mobile HEPA air scrubber specifically designed to remove hazardous airborne microbial particulate in hospital and healthcare environments. Greatly improve breathing zone air quality within a patient room using HEPA filtration with our unique CIRCUMFLOW® air distribution pattern.

Available in two models, the MICROCON® MAP400 and MAP800 both meet CDC requirements for HEPA filtration and exceed guidelines for recommended room air changes within one hour.



The Microcon® ExC7 is a self-contained, FDA 510k compliant, ceiling mounted HEPA filter module used for negative (exhaust) or positive (supply) pressure isolation rooms. Flush mounted in a 2’ x 2’ drop-ceiling panel, the low profile unit extends only l5″ above the ceiling. Connected directly to the Ecophan™ (or existing air supply) by a 12″ inlet duct a constant airflow of HEPA filtered air is produced. Option to include four (4) germicidal UV lamps for viral irradiation of airborne infections pathogens. The FDA 510k compliant ExC7, in combination with Ecophan™ and Accustat™ is recommended for creating complete hospital/healthcare isolation rooms for infectious and immune compromised patients.



The ACCUSTAT™ isolation room pressure monitor is designed specifically for monitoring low negative or positive pressure differentials in accordance with CDC guidelines. Accurate pressurization is a vital step in creating a compliant, controlled and safe isolation environment. Ideally suited for monitoring hospital isolation rooms or pressure differentials in other critical care applications.



The MICROCON® CD and PD air filtration systems are specifically designed for the removal of airborne pollutants and gaseous contaminants from indoor environments. Either ceiling mounted (CD) or portable (PD), air is drawn through a high efficiency HEPA filter, past germicidal UV lamps before being exhausted through two activated carbon filter cells. Clean air, free of particulate and gaseous odors, is reintroduced to the room.



The MICROCON® WallMAP is a HEPA filtered air purifier that can be mounted to a wall or ceiling. It is specifically designed to remove hazardous microbial airborne particulate. When floor space is at a premium or when smaller size exam offices or consultation rooms require high volumes of air changes, the WallMAP can be strategically placed.

The MICROCON® WallMAP PC is a HEPA filtered air purifier that is mounted to a tubular frame to provide a portable means to eliminate infectious airborne bacteria during cough-inducing procedures.



The MICROCON® AS is a HEPA filtered combination air scrubber and negative air machine designed for use during construction and disaster restoration projects. Airborne mold spores and other hazardous airborne debris generated during the remediation process are quickly and reliably controlled. Designed for versatility and portability, it can be utilized as either a negative air machine or air scrubber.



The ISOPORT® is a customizable enclosure for use in healthcare and cleanroom settings where negative or positive pressure isolation is required. Our modular design makes for cost efficient, easy installation and allows the benefit of being quickly relocatable. Combined with our Microcon® HEPA filtration systems, the ISOPORT® ensures your facility will efficiently meet and exceed regulations.


Guardian Ice

Ice Machine Treatment for Hospitals and Healthcare
Commercial ice machines are prone to microbial contamination, and if not thoroughly cleaned and sanitized regularly, can cause the spread of harmful germs. Microbial growth in ice machines is a common problem resulting in biofilm or slime buildup. Pathogens potentially found in contaminated ice include Listeria, Salmonella, E.Coli, and B. Cereus. The Guardian Ice is your ideal solution to keep ice machine heads and bins clean, reducing the risk of microbial contamination.





RGF BioControls® features the MICROCON® MAP, a high capacity mobile air purifier with FDA 510(k) clearance for hospital and healthcare settings. It is specifically designed to remove hazardous microbial airborne contaminants, utilizing our patented CIRCUMFLOW® air distribution pattern. This is created by a 360-degree air intake and exhaust, which are unique only to the MICROCON® MAP series. No other competitive units replicate this feature, which has been documented to greatly improve "breathing zone filtration" within a room.

MICROCON® was designed as a modular unit to allow for easy customization. Since the MICROCON® mobile hospital air purification system is not a permanent installation, it allows for freedom and flexibility when planning for patient-load or room occupancy.

Proven and long-established HEPA filtration, combined with germicidal UV lamps, provides the heartbeat of our MICROCON® air purification system. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognizes that a hospital air purification and HEPA filtration system can play an important part in airborne infection control of TB.

MICROCON® can be utilized in isolation rooms and other critical areas. Optimal results are achieved when the MICROCON® air purifier is placed closest to the source of the contamination. Capturing airborne contaminants at the source contains migration. When you contain the source, transmission of infectious airborne pathogens is dramatically reduced.

Over the past decade, a full series of MICROCON® products has been developed. All our filtration units are certified according to CDC Guidelines, with FDA 510(k) clearance, exceeding minimum requirements in every case.

Clean air purification systems are vitally important in the control of airborne diseases and airborne infections, especially for drug resistant strains.

RGF BioControls® offers a wide array of air purification systems designed for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Our products are designed to:

  • Reduce the risks of disease transmission
  • Provide compliance with all regulations (510(k) compliant)
  • Provide flexible use in various environments and applications
  • Eliminate the need for expensive renovations to HVAC systems

Assurance of Quality Performance
BioControls’ products have been tested extensively to affirm their efficacy. In addition, our products are designed with visible controls and gauges to aid in monitoring performance.

Each product is designed to perform a specific function in meeting CDC guidelines and engineering controls. They integrate to form an air purification system suitable for hospitals and other healthcare environments. Our products provide a cost-effective, superior-performing alternative to standard engineering retrofits.