The ACCUSTAT™ isolation room pressure monitor is designed specifically for monitoring low negative or positive pressure differentials in accordance with CDC guidelines. Accurate pressurization is a vital step in creating a compliant, controlled and safe isolation environment. Ideally suited for monitoring hospital isolation rooms or pressure differentials in other critical care applications.


Easily installed outside isolation rooms, operating from a single power source, the ACCUSTAT™ provides reliable, continuous room pressure readings. A large lighted digital display readout identifies instantaneous sub-fractional pressure changes when compared to the adjoining areas. Pressure readings are accurate to within .001” W.G. with audible and visual alarms identifying unsatisfactory conditions. All ACCUSTAT™ models utilize a highly sensitive pressure transducer eliminating the varying inconsistencies of “airflow” monitors. Air pressure tends to be more consistent and less corrupted by airflow direction disruption, thereby reducing the frequency of false alarms and inconsistent readings.

ACCUSTAT™-BMS directly interfaces with the Building Management System through a 4-20mA analog output, along with offering the same ST features.

ACCUSTAT™-PR is used to directly control isolation room fan filter units through a wired 4-20mA analog output, along with offering the same ST features.

Portable room pressure monitor offers the same ST features, housed in a durable carry case. The P2 offers 48 hours of operation on a single battery charge and the carry case neatly accommodates accessories. A user-friendly display panel with operational instructions permanently mounted makes set-up, operation and pressure monitoring easy, accurate and consistent. A large digital display and LED indicators allow the user to adjust custom alert set points (both audible and visual.) The P2 provides instantaneous isolation room pressure readings, unparalleled accuracy with ease of operation.

• Highly sensitive pressure transducer
• Accurate to 0.001” W.G.
• Backlit, large scale (LCD) digital display
• User alarm set point
• Audible and LED alarms
• Continuous monitoring of room pressure
• Temperature compensation
• Four models ST/BMS/PR/P2 for variety of applications

• Hospital isolation rooms
• Bone Marrow Suites
• Medical Laboratories
• Intensive Care Units
• Clean Rooms
• Museum Artifact Remediation
• Emergency Rooms
• HVAC Systems
• Research Facilities
• Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
• Schools and Universities
• Construction & Renovation