Preferred Service Agreement

“Voss is the Company You Want For Your Preventative Maintenance"

We don’t just kick the tires. Our technicians are trained to thoroughly clean, inspect and precisely adjust all AC systems for peak performance.

  • Ac systems are not very complex, but the problems that they have can be. Often there are several small issues that can lead to premature equipment failure and increased electrical usage. We know how to find these “hidden issues” that many companies will simply overlook.
  • We make sure your system is working at its peak capacity and efficiency by performing the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance procedures, thoroughly analyzing the data collected and making precise adjustments.


Background checked, smart, strong and courteous technicians.

  • We know you need to feel comfortable allowing some one into your home and we have the same concern for those we employ. Our staff consists of well-rounded individuals who are respected in their communities and our techs are top of the line professionals.
  • We do not use subcontractors for our maintenances!
  • We Will Not Sell You Parts or Services That You Do Not Need! We do not incentivize our techs to sell parts you do not need or neglect your system. We evaluate call backs and expect to have very few of them.


Preferred Service Agreement Advantages

Preferred Service Agreement customers are pushed to the front of our schedule with 24-7 service. We do not offer emergency service calls for customers that do not have an agreement.

Reduce or eliminate the need for emergency service calls.

No service call fees and no overtime charges -Ever*.

Maintain records for manufacturer warranties.

15% Discounts on all repairs.

No hassle maintenance scheduling. We will contact you for scheduling.

Special notifications regarding equipment sales, specials and promotions.

As a Preferred Service Customer, we are sure you will be informed of our referral program. If you are a loyalty club member you can receive a Free 1 system, 1-year agreement and be eligible for up to 5% off equipment purchases.


Comprehensive tune up advantages

Our service agreement customers receive 2 precision tune ups per year which will extend the life of your air conditioning system and can lower energy bills all year long.

  • Avoid untimely breakdowns.
  • Use less electricity, Up to 30% Less!
  • Maximize comfort.
  • Extend the life of your equipment an additional 2 to 5 years.
  • Prevent a small problem from becoming a BIG problem.
  • Most AC service calls are for problems that can be prevented with regular maintenance.
  • Frequent filter changes and coil cleaning are key to long equipment life, efficiency and capacity.
  • Clean coils, clean fans and clean air.
  • Safety and Duct Inspection included.
  • Written report filed in our database for year by year comparisons and manufacturer warranty processing.
  • One (1) year warranty on repair parts and labor

*Free service call does not apply to our first visit unless it is a scheduled maintenance.


Not Ready For An Agreement?

Other Maintenance options here.

Download the PDF Referral Form

Download the Service agreement document.

Service Agreement PDF

Highlights of our Comprehensive Maintenance.


Partial list of items found on our technician check list.

  1. Check thermostat control of system.
  2. Verify all component operations.
  3. Check return air and outdoor air filters.
  4. Inspect cleanliness of evaporator coil.
  5. Inspect and tighten all electrical connections.
  6. Lubricate motor bearings and tighten belt as applicable.
  7. Clean Outdoor unit coil (condensing coil).
  8. Check amperage voltage and name plate data of all components.
  9. Check temperature differences across coils.
  10. Check refrigerant charge with proper measurements.
  11. Check metering devices.
  12. Inspect ductwork and duct system static pressure.
  13. Check UV light.
  14. Blow out drain.
  15. Check operation of drain overflow switch.
  16. Check attic insulation level.
  17. Check exhaust fan(s) operation and envelope for negative pressure


Partial list of items found on our technician check list.

  1. Check return air and outdoor air filters.
  2. Inspect and tighten heater electrical connections.
  3. Inspect cleanliness of evaporator coil.
  4. Lubricate motor bearings and tighten belt as applicable.
  5. Check blower motor amperage.
  6. Test safety controls.
  7. Check UV light.
  8. Check attic insulation level.
  9. Inspect ductwork and duct system static pressure.
  10. Blow out drain.
  11. Clean thermostat, check calibration and heat anticipator setting.
  12. Check temperature differences across heater.
  13. If Gas Heat.
    1. Clean burner assembly.
    2. Clean heat exchanger and vacuum area around furnace.
    3. Check heat exchanger for leaks and verify proper draft.
    4. Check combustion air.
    5. Check gas connections.
    6. Check carbon monoxide level.
    7. Clean and adjust pilot / check spark ignition and glow plug.
  14. If Heat Pump.
    1. Check refrigerant pressures and SH + SC measurements for proper charge.
  15. If Electric Heat.
    1. Check amperage voltage and name plate data of all components.


Maintenance without agreement

Not ready to commit to our comprehensive maintenance where you can save 15% on repairs and receive free service calls?  We do offer other tune up options.

1 - Comprehensive Tune up: 

Spring and Fall only: $90 

Summer and Winter: $110

Same maintenance as performed for our agreement customers.

Excludes Emergency Service, free service calls and discounted repairs.

1 - General Maintenance and inspection:

Any time of year: $69.00

Includes; clean outdoor unit, inspection, safety check, operation and condition report.

Excludes Emergency Service, free service calls, discounted repairs. 

Be sure to scroll up and read about our Service Agreements.