At Voss Integrity HVAC we take pride in everything we do.  With top of the line service, fair prices and a reputation that is hard to match, we are confident you will be glad you called.


We strive to provide the absolute best for you at the fairest price. Here's how.

  • Word of mouth advertising and referrals means you don't pay for our advertising budget.
  • No sales gimmicks.
  • Honest diagnosis of equipment and truthful recommendations.
  • Efficient service.
  • Trained and certified.
  • Back office coordination.
  • Knowledge and experience.


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Indoor Air Quality | Refrigeration | Ventilation

Pops said it a lot.

"Boys, if you’re not going to do it right just leave it alone" He doesn’t have to tell us any more… We understand the importance of quality, relationships and referrals.  We will do everything with one goal in mind, showing you that integrity is still important.


You really should see this.

This is probably going to upset some people.

I think it is time to level the playing field and put some power back in the hands of the consumer. I have seen it too many times over the last 20+ years; people paying way too much for a small component replacement, being lied to about what needs to be done and often being charged 3 and even 5 times more than what is fair for large repairs or replacements. That can equate to more than $10,000 in many cases, and that's not even considering commercial projects.

We are creating a first of it's kind database for free access to trade secrets, money saving tips, technical advise, specifications, and straight up love for our community.

 Come take a peak and join the free group  

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