Capacitors: A capacitor in HVAC is used to assist motors with starting up and running. They provide a discharge of electricity into the circuit when the voltage drops within that circuit.

Capacitors help motors start and run. Over time they become weak causing the motor overheat and eventually burn out. This shortens the life expectancy of the motor. Once a capacitor fails, the motor will stop working. The only way to know if a capacitor needs to be replaced is to check it with a meter capable of checking capacitance.
Capacitors have a wide range in cost because the size and type needed is determined by the motor. The average capacitor cost is between $25 and $75.

A turbo capacitor is one that is made in the USA and is of superior build than the average capacitor. They range from $40 to $190 with the most common being around $165
Labor time: ¼ to ½ hour